By defeating the small kingdoms of Rajput kings, Turks built their empire in the subsequent years. The establishment of Turks’ rule, whose religion was Islam, was not completely unexpected. Arabs had made failed attempts to capture Sindh regions from the beginning of 8thcentury.Still, Sindh region was always under the constant threat of Turks’ attack. Turks belong to a nomadic tribe of Mangolia, a part of central Asia, who had accepted Islam. Alaptigin, who belonged to this tribe, established his independent state in 963 C.E. in ‘Ghazni’ region of Afghanistan. The battles between Turks and Rajputs started from his period.
Mohammed Ghazni
Ghazni ascended throne after Alaptigin in 999 C.E. Mohammed Ghazni invaded India seventeen times. The famous Somanatha Temple and the temples of Saurashtara were destroyed during his invasions.Though, all the Rajput kingdoms of the western India were batteredby these invasions, they failed to face Turks with unity. Mohammedsucceeded in his invasions due to the political and militaryweaknesses of Rajputs. Mohammed invaded seventeen times and carried away enormous amount of golden ornaments and wealth toGhazni. Though he did not build empire in India, his invasionsshowed the way to future Turk invasions into India. Similarly, thevalour of Rajputs, who had become weak with internal rivalries, alsogot displayed.
Mohammed Ghori
A Turk dynasty of Shansbhani of Ghor region of Afganistancame to prominence and ended the rule of Ghazni dynasty.Ghiyasuddin Mohammed Ghor of this dynasty ascended the throne.He sent his younger brother Mujaheedin Mohammed to establishTurk rule in India. He is called as Mohammed Ghori by the historians. He started his first invasion by besieging Multan. He wanted to recapture the places of Sindh that were under the rule of Mohammed Ghazni. He invaded Anilwada of Gujarath and got defeated there. This defeat made Mohammed to change his plan and he attacked Peshwar and conquered it. Then, Khusro Mallik of Lahore surrendered. By keeping Lahore as his centre, Mohammed attacked the plains of India. This attack wasnaturally resisted by the ruler of Delhi, Prithivraj Chouhan III. Hedefeated Mohammed at Terrain in 1191 C.E.
Mohammed returned to Ghor and again faced Prithivraj Chouhan III at Terrain in 1192 C.E. This time he had made a lot of preparations. In this battle, the archers of Turks succeeded. The quicker cavalry of Turks dispersed the Rajput army with slow moving elephants. Govindrao and Bhola who were instrumental in the Rajput victory during first Terrian battle were killed. Prithiv Raj Chouhan was imprisoned. Prithvi Raj continued to rule for a while after his surrender. Mohammed appointed his slaves to take care of the areas won by him in India. He got murdered on his way back to Ghori.


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