The Rajputs, who ruled during the last part of ancient and the early part of medieval period, encouraged the art, culture andreligion liberally. Rajput kings themselves were scholars. Kings like Bhoja, Munja have written various literary works. King Munja had poets Padmagupta and Halayudha in his court. King Bhoja hadextended his royal patronage to the Jain scholars; Shanthisena,Prabhachandra Suri, and Ghanapala during his rule. The Poeticworks like Jayadeva’s ‘Geethagovinda’, Bharavi’s ‘Keerathanarjuneeya’, Bharthruhari’s ‘Ravana Vadha’, Mahendrapala’s ‘Kavya Meemamse’were written during the rule of Rajputs. Dramas like Rajashekara’s‘Bala Ramayana’ and ‘Karpuramanjari’; Bhavabhuti’s ‘Mahaveeracharitha’ and ‘Uthararamacharita’; and historical works like Kalhana’s ‘Raja Tharangini’; Jayanika’s ‘Prithiviraja Vijaya’ and Hemachandra’s ‘Kumarapla Charitha’ are the important works. ‘Prithiviraja Raso’ by Chand Bardahi and ‘Bhoja Prabandha’ by Balalla are the noted biographies of Rajput rulers. Gujarathi, Rajastani and Hindi languages developed during this period. The educational institutions of Nalanda, Kashi, Vikramashila, Ujjaini received support from Rajputs.
Mount Abu basadi
The Rajput kings constructedspacious forts in Chithod, Mandu,Ranathambor, Jodhpur and Gwalior of Northern India. They built palaces in Jaipur, Gwalior, and Udaypur. Dilawar temple, Vimala temple and Luna Vasai temples were built on Mt Abu. All these are beautiful and known for the artistic architecture. The Chandelas built Khandaraya’s temple in Khajuraho. Shiva and Vishnu temples were more in number among the temples built during their reign.
They also encouraged painting. The painting style of this period is classified as ‘Rajastani painting style’ and ‘Phahari painting style’. Rajastani painting style can be seen in Mewar, Bukainer, Jodhpur,Jailsmer and Buni. Phahari painting style can be seen in Khasoli,Jammu and Gharwal. Like this Rajputs have a special place in the history of India.


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